Illawarra Region


PO Box A125
NSW 2529

Visit: Illawarra Region Branch Website


President: Colin Hollis – Home phone (02) 4236 0456
Secretary: Mairi Petersen – Home phone (02) 4296 2339
Treasurer: Neville Arrowsmith – Home phone (02) 4284 3781
Senior Vice President & Editor of ‘Unity’: Ray Markey
Junior Vice President: Irene Arrowsmith
Ass’t Secretary: Frances Laneyrie
Committee: The above plus Val Dolan, Steve Quinn, Anne Meehan


Journal: “Unity” published quarterly (various contributors).
Other: “Labour History Walking Tour of Wollongong”.
Film: “The 75th Anniversary of the South Coast Labour Council” by Fran Laneryie with the assistance of Val Dolan and Doreen Borrow. A 15 minute montage of the Council’s activities over the 75 year period since its rebirth in 1928.


  • Guided tours of the “Labour History Walking Tour of Wollongong” were undertaken during Seniors’ Week and will again take place during Heritage Week. There are four tours planned, one each on the 24th and 25th April and the 1st and 2nd of May. The tours commence from the Council Chambers in Burelli Street, Wollongong with those doing the tour assembling at the Miners’ Monument. The tours commence at 2.00pm at a cost of $2.00 which includes a copy of the book of the tour.
  • Other projects in the pipe line are a forum on the History of the South Coast Railway to be held at the Railway Institute, Thirroul on 23rd April.
  • An inspection of the ‘Old Wharfie’s Canteen’ and the ‘Old Telephone Exchange’, both in Port Kembla, with the view to having them heritage listed.
  • To organise the placing of a plaque at the site of the jetty where the Dalfram was moored during the pig iron to Japan dispute. The function to be attended by the Chinese Ambassador and the plaque to be in both English and Chinese.
  • Member Fred Moore is compiling another book similar to his and Ray Harrison’s first book, ‘At The Coalface’ to be called Back To The Coalface.