Labour History Prizes

2023 prize winners
2021 prize winners

ASSLH & Unions NSW Prize in Labour History

A prize is awarded every second year for the best article appearing in the journal Labour History in the preceding two years. It is worth $1,000.

Edna Ryan Prize: Best Article on Women’s History

This prize of $500 was established in 2020 and is funded by a donation from Edna Ryan’s daughters, Lyndall and Julia. It is judged by a panel of women’s historians, appointed by the Editor.

Ferguson Prize

This prize was established in 2015 by the Ferguson family in memory of Jack and Mary Ferguson.  It is worth $1,000  and is awarded to the best article on an interwar (between WWI and WWII) topic or theme. The judges are the journal’s Editor, ASSLH’s President, and a member of the Ferguson family.

The Gollan Prize for Australian Labour History

The Gollan Prize was established in 2003 in honour of Robin and Daphne Gollan, founding members of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History and amongst the first contributors to our journal. It is awarded on a biannual basis.

The Prize of $500 is intended to foster the work of new scholars embarking on their careers as labour historians. As such it is awarded to those published in Labour History who, at the time of submitting their article, were either post-graduate students or early career academics (within 5 years of receiving a PhD). The responsibility for choosing the winning article rests with the journal’s editorial working party who then confer with further referees where appropriate.

GW Ford Award

The GW Ford Award was established in 2018 by Bill and Joan Ford. It is worth $500 and is given biennially to the Labour History article that best captures the experience of workers. The prize is decided by a panel of 3 judges, chaired by the journal’s editor and including ASSLH’s president.

Members of the journal’s Editorial Working Party are not eligible for any of the above prizes.