About the Society

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1961 to study “the working class situation … and social history in the fullest sense”. The Society aims to encourage teaching and research in labour history, and the preservation of the records of working people and the labour movement. It desires to make history a vital part of popular consciousness and a matter for reflection and debate.

The Society draws its membership from labour movement activists, community historians, teachers, and scholars in many fields. It also maintains close links with the international community of labour historians. The Society has branches in the ACT, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, South Australia and Perth. Branches are involved in labour history and research, and heritage preservation. They publish newsletters, hold regular talks and conduct special events, usually in conjunction with the labour community. It holds a biennial national conference that attracts several hundred participants. Click here for a copy of the Society’s constitutionYou can join the Society here. The Society’s logo was created by the wonderfully talented Sam Wallman in 2021.

The Society is grateful for sponsorship from the following individuals:

  • Andrew Scott
  • Anne Junor
  • Brian and Ellen Smiddy
  • Bruce Scates
  • Carolyn Rasmussen
  • Christian Bombig
  • Christopher Field
  • Christopher Waters
  • Colin Hesse
  • David Lee
  • Erik Eklund
  • Frank Bongiorno
  • Geoffrey Graham
  • Greg Patmore
  • Hannah Forsyth
  • Heather Gartshore
  • Helen Gardner
  • Iain Campbell
  • Janet McCalman
  • Jeff Rickertt
  • Jesse Dean
  • John Myrtle
  • John Saunders
  • John Shields
  • Joy Damousi
  • Julie Kimber
  • Julius Roe
  • Kathryn Steel
  • Lyndall Ryan
  • Malcolm Saunders
  • Marian Quartly
  • Marilyn Lake
  • Melanie Oppenheimer
  • Nikola Balnave
  • Noreen Kirkman
  • Pat Francis
  • Peter Clayworth
  • Peter Love
  • Peter Mccusker
  • Peter Sheldon
  • Phillip Deery
  • Rae Frances
  • Roger Morris
  • Ruth Barton
  • Sarah Gregson
  • Simone Battiston
  • Stuart Macintyre
  • Tony Harris
  • Shino Konishi
  • Sam Wallman
  • Max Ogden
  • Brian and Renate Howe

And the CFMEU (Victorian/Tasmanian Branch)

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact our treasurer, Phillip Deery, or visit our Sponsorship page.