Places, Protests and Memorabilia:
The Labour Heritage Register of New South Wales

By Terry Irving and Lucy Taksa

The Labour Heritage Register is a guide to collections and sites of labour heritage in Sydney, its suburbs, and regional New South Wales.

It is a work of historical scholarship, based on a systematic sampling of the labour press, commercial directories and other sources between 1890 and 1980 to identify sites of labour movement activity. The data for each site is arranged chronologically, so the list can be used not only to mark out labour precincts in the present but also to reveal precincts that have disappeared and those that have changed over time. The Register also contains a list of heritage sites of working-class leisure, housing and work, and a list of labour memorabilia held by private persons and organisations.

An introductory essay discusses the labour precinct as a patterned and historically changing set of sites where labour organising and education for citizenship occurs, and defines the relationship between labour and industrial heritage.

213 pages including maps & illustrations

ISBN 0 7334 1891 0

November 2002

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