Railway Refreshment Rooms

Lyrics by PP Cranney, music by Christina Mimmocchi (2017)

(Lyrics reproduced by permission of PP Cranney)

Oh, give us a loud “hurrah-rah!” We’re the girls who work in the RRR;
We’ll serve you tea and coffee, and cake and scone,
Hot grills, cold meats, you know it won’t take long.
You’re here until your trip resumes at the Railway Refreshment Rooms.

We’ll satisfy your hunger with a meal or snack between your travels on the railway track.
We all work very hard though we’re not well paid,
But each and every one is a union maid!
We’ll join in when the battle looms at the Railway Refreshment Rooms.

When the railway men, they downed their tools, we waitresses we showed you that we’re no-one’s fools.
When a certain kind of patron crawled in to be fed, this is what we aproned warriors said:
“If you’re a government volunteer, a rotten strike-breaker, get out of here!
We won’t serve you and it serves you right, you should be supporting the workers’ fight!
So we’re waiting on justice, we’re waiting, it’s true; and til justice is served, we’re not waiting on you!”

The bosses said “You can’t discriminate. Each and every diner deserves his plate.”
So we took off our aprons, put on our hats – and they replaced us all with volunteer rats!
Replaced by finks and goons at the Railway Refreshment Rooms!
So give us a loud “hurrah-rah-rah!” for the girls who used to work for the RRR!