Take Your Bulldozers Away

Take Your Bulldozers Away

© John Dengate 1969 updated Dale Dengate 2018

You can take your bulldozers from under our noses,

We’re not near as gutless as Gladys supposes,

Build your M5 ‘way a bloody-sight less way

And take your bulldozers away.


WestConnex to the devil … swallow your drivel and shovel your gravel,

Bring back Green Bans forever; we’ll keep your bulldozers away.

You can take your bulldozers to Pharaoh and Moses,

You’ll find demolition is no bed of roses.

We’re not going to live with your WestConnex motorway –

Take your bulldozers away.

You can tell your authorities that their priorities

Don’t meet the needs of the urban majority –

Hands off that heritage! Spare our community!

Take your bulldozers away.

 In the original Take Your Bulldozers Away © 1969 the late John Dengate was writing in opposition to the North West Distributor going through Glebe and Ultimo, including Fig Street. Reproduced with permission. [Musical score available on request. Ed.]