A Historical Bibliography of the Trades, Professions and other Major Occupations of the Sydney Area

Our Branch secretary, John Shields, is compiling an annotated bibliography of the history and culture of the dominant trades, professions and other occupations of the Sydney area as part of an Australia-wide project sponsored by the Committee to Review Australian Studies in Tertiary Education. The bibliography will cover a wide variety of resources relating to the “world of work”, including printed material, documents, oral history, pictorial material, artefacts and historic sites and is aimed at facilitating the development of Australian-based teaching resources at Tertiary level, particularly TAFE and teacher education, programmes.

In essence, the bibliogrpahy will be a finding guide to relevant collections. sites etc., located in the metropolitan area and open to the public and/or bona fide researchers.

John is especially keen to obtain information on smaller and less-well-known collecting agencies, including archives, libraries, museums, historical societies. trade unions. professional bodies and the like, and would welcome ADZ advice, suggestions, etc. . which Hummer readers may have as to the existence, location and nature of such agencies. He would also like to exchange ideas with fellow researchers in this area.

If you can assist, please phone John on (02) 427 6366 or write to him at 11 Henley Street, Lane Cove, NSW 2066.