Westralian Labour History

Michael Hess, Hummer‘s person in Perth, sends the following welcome information about developments in labour history in the west: Papers in Labour History.

This series is intended as an occasional publication of the Department of Industrial Relations at the University of Western Australia. It will include material normally thought of as “academic” history but will also accept contributions from those whose experience of the labour movement has made them expert in particular areas of its history.

Initial response to this proposed format has been encouraging and we have already received a number of valuable contributions with the promise of several more. Currently in hand are the following contributions for Papers in Labour History, No.1: Harold Peden, “All Out”, a story about a dispute based on Harold’s experience as a union official, Bill Latter, “A Communist in Collie”, an account of Bill’s time as leader of the Collie coalminers, Lloyd Davies, “Protective Natives? – the Law and the 1946 Aboriginal Pastoral Workers Strike”, a paper concentrating on the legal and political aspects of the strike, by one who was involved in the Committee for the Defense of Native Rights and has long experience as a barrister for the Aboriginal Legal Service, “South Fremantle Power Station Remembered”, a collection of oral history from many who built and worked on the old power station.

Papers in Labour History, No.1 will cost $10.00 and it is anticipated that it will be available in January 1988. Contact address: Michael Hess, Department of Industrial Relations University of Western Australia, W.A. 6009.