Research Projects by Members

M Bray &
M Rimmer
Dept. of Industrial Relations and Australian Graduate School of Management, U.N.S.W., A History of the N.S.W. Branch of the Transport Workers Union.
F M CainDept. of History, Faulty of Military Studies, U.N.S.W., Duntroon; The Great Depression and the Rise and Fall of Jack Lang
A CoolicanDept. of Industrial Relations, U.N.S.W.; A History of the Building Workers Industrial Union.
B DabscheckDept. of Industrial Relations, U.N.S.W.; Arbitrator at Work: Sir William Raymond Kelly and the Regulation of Australian Industrial Relations (To be published by George Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1984).
P HamiltonDept. of Education, University of Wollongong; Domestic Servants.
T H IrvingDept. of Government, University of Sydney; Intellectuals and Politics in Australia Since 1945.
P MinnsDept. of Industrial Relations, University of Sydney; Work Rationing in the Great Depression, Sydney 1929-1935.
G PatmoreDept. of Industrial Relations, University of Sydney; A History of Industrial Relations in the N.S.W. Railways.
J ShieldsDept. of Economic History, University of Sydney; The Labouring Young in N.S.W. Prior to World War II: Education and The Labour Market in Historical Perspective; George Beeby and The Arbitration System.
K Turner &
J Hagan
Dept. of Government, University of Sydney, and Dept. of History University of Wollongong; A History of the N.S.W. Branch of the A.L.P.