Department of Government: University of Sydney Postgraduate and Honours IV Theses on Labour History

ALLEN, P.A Preliminary Sketch of the Role of Women in the N.S.W. Branch of the ALP.
ANDERSON, G.The Builders’ Labourers’ Federation of NSW: A Study of a Militant Union.
ARGY, F.State Enterprise in NSW 1911-1933.
AUSTRIN, L.J.Federation of Bank Officers’ Associations, 1953-66.
BAND, D.C.Some Aspects of Legislative Rhetoric and Industrial Conflict in N.S.W., Victoria and the Commonwealth, 1870 – 1920.
BLAKEY, L.Politics and Administration in the Government Railways of N.S.W., 1925-32.
BRYDEN, P.R.The 1959 State Election.
CAVALIER, R.An Analysis of the Australian Labor Party, N.S.W. Branch, 1971-75.
CHAN, K.(Ph. D.: 1971) The Politics of Compulsory Arbitration in Australia 1890-1910: A Study of Group and Party Attitudes and Responses to State and Federal Legislation.
CLOSE, I.R.The Miscellaneous Workers’ Union 1949-1956.
COLE, G.E.The Workers’ Educational Association of N.S.W., from the Mid-1930s to the Mid-1940s.
COOKSON, R.Women in Politics 1900-20.
COOMBS, M.(M.A.: 1969) Conscription as an issue in World War II
DEMPSEY, R.J.1968 State Election
ELDERTON, S.(M.A. Hons.: 1981) Worker Participation in Australia: An Enquiry into Goals, Policies, Practices and Prospects.
FARMER, W.J.1956 General Election for Legislative Assembly of N.S.W.
FITZGERALD, D.Labour Politics and Labour Newspapers 1975-76.
FROST, F.The N.S.W. State Election of 1956.
GEORGE, P.R.Power Politics-A Study of Industrial Conflict in the N.S.W. Power Industry.
GIBB, M.M.The 1956 N.S.W. Election
GRAHAM, C.Anatomy of a Revolutionary Union – A Post-Mortem on the N.S.W. BLF, 1968-1975.
GURR, M.The 1954 Liquor Referendum: A Study in Social Change.
HOGAN, M.(Ph.D.: 1977) The Catholic Campaign for State Aid to Non-State Schools in N.S.W. and the Act 1950-1972.
HOTCHKISS, W.E.The New South Wales Transport Acts, 1930-1932.
HUTCHENS, I.H.Attitudes to Changes in Employers’ Policy in National Wage Cases Since 1959.
ISAACS, M.Left-Wing Trade Union Leaders.
JOHNSTON, C.Socialist Ideology and the Australian Communists 1939-1945.
KENYON, D.The Struggle for the Federated Clerks’ Union.
LAWRENCE, J.The Industrial Workers of the World Guild, Socialism and the ALP’s Socialization Objective of 1921.
LUTHER, G.W.Executive and Council Policy Committees of the N.S.W. branch of the ALP 1960-73.
McCOLL, C.The Internal Structure of Two Australian Trade Unions – a Comparative Description. (Ironworkers, Air Pilots).
MILES, 1.Australian Workers’ Union: Oligarchy and Change.
NELSON ,H. G.(Ph.D.: 1977) The Politics of Rent Control in New South Wales.
PUPLICK, C.1965 State Election in N.S.W.
SHEAHAN, S.The State Labor Party 1940-4.
WALKER, J.(M.A. hons.’ 1977) The Political Background, Ideas and Attitudes of Liberal and Labor Party Activists in some Sydney Electorates.
WATERS, H.J.N.S.W. Labor Party, 1941-63. A Study of Policy Making in the N.S.W. Labor Party 1957-64.
YOUNG, I.E.(M.A.: 1961) Conflict within the N.S.W. Labor Party, 1919-32

The above theses are 4 th Year Honours Theses except where otherwise indicated. Fisher Library makes higher degree theses available on inter Library loan, but not Government IV theses. Except for a few (like R Cavalier’s thesis) where readers must get the author’s permission, Government IV theses can be read in the Department. Ring 692-2054 to make arrrangements. You may inspect a larger index of theses to check on a particular topic. Alternatively you could contact Ken Turner, 692-3091. Further lists will appear in forthcoming issues of the Hummer.