Canadian Australian Labour History Conference

Billets Still Needed

As mentioned in the last issue of The Hummer, in December of this year a large number of Canadian labour historians are descending on Sydney for an Australian-Canadian labour history conference at the University of Sydney. Greg Patmore is still more than interested to know if members of our branch could possibly organise some accommodation and is assembling a list of potential homes which might be able to provide a week or so accommodation. The conference starts on 12 December 1988. Please, if you can help, write to:

Greg Patmore
Department of Industrial Relations
The University of Sydney,

It has been brought to the attention of the editor that he committed an act of unforgiveable cultural ignorance in suggesting that Canadians consume Budweiser beer. This of course is American. Something called Moosehead is evidently very popular, though the Campbelltown Catholic Club has certainly not heard of it.