Hummer Scoop – Edgar Ross Book

Edgar Ross’s long awaited biography of his dad is now available and will be reviewed shortly. Hummer’s editor was fortunate enough to see the first (hand-bound) copy and it looks fine indeed! Details are as follows:

These Things Shall Be! BOB ROSS, Socialist Pioneer – His Life and Times. A Case Study by Edgar Ross 192 pp, cased, illustrated, bibliography and index, $19.95. Published by Mulavon, 131 Ryedale Road, West Ryde, NSW 2114. Available from New Era Bookshops, Sydney, International Bookshop, Melbourne, and the Publishers.

Update Hummer Scoop

Edgar Ross will not only hopefully be launching his book in mid-July at a meeting of the Sydney branch (details to come) but he ‘features’ in the mini-series ‘The True Believers’ (ABC TV). Played by the actor Harold Hopkins, Fred Daly describes Edgar in the Sydney Morning Herald 27 June 1988 as a ‘fanatical … Communist leader planning the (1949 coal) strike in order to bring the (Chifley) Labor Government and the people to their knees’. High praise indeed! But is it historically accurate? Those who have read Phillip Deery’s excellent Ph.D might disagree.