Film Notes

Lousy Little Sixpence

The ultimate indictment of the shameful paternalism and cultural aggression directed against the aboriginal people up until the 1960s by a ruthless white bureaucracy~ The film documents the opposition of aboriginal people in the 1930s to the depredations of the Aborigines Protection Board of N.S.W.. Special focus is placed on the Board’s policy of forcibly removing black children from their families and boarding them out as sevants to white households. The film is produced by Alec Morgan, and is now showing in Sydney. It runs for around an hour and is available in 16 mm form and on video. For further details, contact Alex Morgan (02- 698 8115) or Ronin Films (062-48 0851).

For Love or Money

A two hour documentary about the history of Australian working women. The film’s makers, Megan McMurchy, Margot Nash, Margot Oliver and Jeni Thornley, have made excellent use of 1930s and 1940s newsreels, movie footage, T.V. commercials and the like to put together an excellent documentary. The film is at its strongest on women’s struggles against the cupidity of employers and the prejudice of male-dominated craft unions under the fledgling arbitration system of the early 1900s, and on the mobilisation of women during the First and Second World Wars. Well worth a peep. Showing at the Paddington Twin.