Research Projects by Members

Meredith BurgmannDept of Politics, Macquarie University, Women in Australian Trade Unions.
Chris KeaneDept of Economic History, University of Sydney Women and Children at Work: The Clothing Industry in Sweating Evil in Sydney 1890 1935.
Richard KennedyDept of General Studies, University of N.S.W., The Social History of Alcohol and Alcoholism in Australia, and their relation to the Bourgeois State and the Working Class.
Rick KuhnDept of Government, University of Sydney, The Labour Movement’s Analyses of Australian Capitalism. 1920 – 1984.
Andrew MooreDept of Economic History, University of Sydney, The Pastoral Workers’ Industrial Union 1930-1936, The Working Class of North Sydney in the 1920’s.
Rod MounjedDept of Industrial Relations, University of Sydney, The Formation of the N.S.W. Tramway Employees’ Union and the 1908 Tramway Strike.
T.G. Parsons and
W.D. Edmonds
Dept of History, Macquarie University, Church and King in Early N.S.W., A Biography of Maurice Margaret.
Chris SheilDept of History, University of Wo11ongong, A History of the Federated Miscellaneous Workers’ Union of Australia:1905-1985.