Announcing the Formation of a Socialist Solidarity Fund: Ernie Campbell Association

Hal Alexander and Chris Elenor

We would like to inform you of the launch of a socialist solidarity fund, the role we think it can play, and to ask for your support for this project.

For some years we have relied on the contributions of activists and sympathisers to assist struggle on many fronts. These include Aboriginal people; the removal of foreign bases; help to working class militants’ women in their campaigns; help to people in the Pacific region in their pursuit of national independence; and in other areas of mass action and ideology.

Political developments have now posed new tasks and therefore the need to establish an organisation to accumulate assets and assist in resourcing these struggles.

The Association is designed to acquire, accumulate, and invest assets which will then be used to:

  • Assist the struggle of any group or organisation for immediate needs, against repression and for Socialism – Respond to requests for assistance in organisational work
  • Provide for specific projects directly
  • Make loans available for any of the above
  • Assist in any other way deemed suitable by the sponsors.

The Association consists at this stage, of six people who have agreed to operate as representatives of the sponsors. They will make decisions in keeping with the aims listed above and through agreed methods of consultation with the sponsors.

We have decided to call this new organisation the Ernie Campbell Association. Ernie Campbell was a dedicated fighter for the rights of working people and he held out hope for a better world through struggle. Among many other achievements he wrote A History of the Australian Labour Movement, a booklet that helped the education of thousands of working people seeking a rationale for the seeming accidents of history.

The Association will invite contributions as lump sum amounts, by regular donations or through property and assets bequeathed or in any other manner. It will also take whatever steps deemed necessary to protect itself and its assets from hostile forces.

The assets win be safely invested to maintain their value but in a way which will give ready access to a proportion of the funds to enable flexible and rapid support for developing campaigns.

Regular checks on income/expenditure will be made, all contributions will be recognised and regular reports made to participants in the project to ensure accountability.

As part of the conditions for any loan or donation to a group or individual, they will be required to account for their use of the funds and to report to the Association on the outcomes of the funded project.

Whilst this project is underway, and has already attracted some significant contributions and commitments, it is still developing.

If you would like to contribute or want more information, contact Chris Elenor at 49 Ainsworth Street, Leichhardt 2040 (Phone (02) 569 7024) or telephone Hal Alexander on (02) 519 4992.