The Hummer No. 35 – January/June 1993

Research Request: CPA members during World War II

Pig Iron Bob Finds a further use for Scrap Iron: Barbed Wire for his Cold War
Concentration Camps

Les Louis

James Alfred Ross and Hard Cash
John Low

North Sydney’s Forgotten Working-Class Past

Obituary: John Victor Apthorp (1904-1992)
John Low

University of Western Sydney, Macarthur Theses

War-Time Anti-Fascist Documents Discovered in Chimney
Jim Andrighetti

The Eureka Flag Reissued
Len Fox

One Trammie to Another, 1916 and 1969: Tom Barker to Clarrie O’Shea

A Worker Looks at Australian History
Lloyd Ross (The Tramway Record 19.5.27)

Book Review

Stephen Castles, Caroline Alcorso, Gaetano Rando, Ellie Vasta (eds), Australia‘s Italians: Culture and Community in a Changing Society
Jim Andrighetti