Readers’ Research Interests

Chris Cunneen, Rowan Cahill, Ron Callus, Peter Sheldon,
Greg Patmore, Andrew Moore

Dr Chris Cunneen, Australian Dictionary of Biography Australian National University, P .0. Box 4, Canberra ACT 2601 : EMILE VOIGT: biographical details concerning Voigt, foundation director of the NSW Trades and Labour Council’s Research and Information Bureau and chairman of 2KY, Particularly his later years

Rowan Cahill, Lot 4, Tulloona Ave., Bowral, NSW 2576 biography of RUPERT LOCKWOOD.

Dr. Andrew Moore, 23 Mitchell Street, Greenwich, NSW, 2605 : Biographical details about and labour history typescripts written by NORMAN JEFFREY, union radical and people’s historian.

Greg Patmore, Department of Industrial Relations, University of Sydney, 2006 : An industrial relations history of Lithgow.

Ron Callus, Department of Industrial Relations, University of Sydney, 2006 : A study of the role, career structure and work orientation of full-time Union Officials.

Peter Sheldon, 8 Younq street, Annandale, 2038 : History of the Water and1 Sewerage Employees Union; also general interest in united Labourers Union, Rockchoppers and Sewer Miners Union, Australian Workers Union – Railway Industry Branch.