The concluding months of 1984 were hectic times for the Sydney branch of the ASSLH. On 28 August 1984 Ted Heagney gave a talk on the infamous Clarrie O’Shea Case. On 29 September Jack Ferguson delivered our Labor Day oration, the Sydney branch’s contribution to counter-hegemonic struggle against the James Hardie 1000 car race. Then on 16 October Edna Ryan spoke to another branch meeting on the subject of Billy Hughes and the water front.

On 1 November it was David Brody’s turn. A visitor to Sydney University from California, he spoke to his impressions of the comparisons between United States and Australian trade unionism. Finally, on 11 November, Michael Easson organised a day seminar on (the late) W.J. McKell. This proved to be a marvellous success and the formula of conducting a one day session on a specific subject is one that we shall be following in 1985.

Because of the number of occasions which deserve reporting, items about the talk by David Brody and the McKell seminar will be held over until the next issue of the Hummer. Hummer takes this opportunity to wish all of its readers the best for 1985. Items for inclusions would be most welcome though contributors should remember that Hummer is not intended to be a flash academic journal. Arthur Rae had no use for footnotes!