The Hummer Vol. 2, No. 7 – Summer 1996/97


Shadows of 1951
Rohan Cahill

The Union of Australian Women – A Celebration
Barbara Curthoys

Sydney Branch Conference on Anti-Labour Industrial Legislation 1996

Skill and Fines and ‘Rock and Roll’: The Metal Trades Margins Campaign of 1967-8
Jim Baird

Mudgingerri: Confronting Contracting and the ‘Secondary Boycott’ Provisions
Allan Anderson

Making Off with the Union’s Books for All the Right Reasons – Bert Speck’s Flight from Port Pirie

Book Reviews

Peter Crockett, Evatt: A Life;
Ken Buckley, Barbara Dale and Wayne Reynolds, Doc Evatt: Patriot, Internationalist,
Fighter and Scholar

Braham Dabscheck