The Hummer Vol. 2, No. 8 – Winter 1997


Vale Edna Ryan (1904-1997): Feminist, Trade Unionist, Political Activist and Labour Historian
Rosemary Webb

Ted Roach (1909-1997): Militant Wharfie, Leader of the ‘Pig Iron Bob’ Dispute
Greg Mallory

William Webb: Electrical Trades Unionist and Communist
Susan Webb, Margaret Bettison and Ernest Foyle

Book Reviews

Verna Coleman, Adela Pankhurst: The Wayward Suffragette 1885-1961
Sarah Gregson

Margo Beasley, The Missos: A History of the Federated Miscellaneous Workers’ Union
Bradon Ellem

Margo Beasley, Wharfies: The History of the Waterside Workers’ Federation
Greg Mallory

Tony Laffan, Good Work at Westy: The Socialist Labour Party on the Northern Coalfields 1901-1921
Hall Greenland