The Hummer Vol. 3, No. 8 – Winter 2002


Comments Relating to the Anti-Apartheid Struggle in Australia
Audrey McDonald

An Australian Communist in Prague
Phillip Deery

The Hon Mr Justice Barrie Clive Hungerford
Jeff Shaw

Edgar Ross and Broken Hill
John Shields

Betty Bloch, 1905-2002
Paula Bloch

Betty Bloch
Cathy Bloch

Audrey Johnson, 1925-2002
Bob Gould

In Memory of Joe Bailes, 1903-2001
Jan Cox

Alec Campbell
Rowan Cahill

Growing up in Boronia Park – With Pam
Jeff Shaw

Book Reviews

Marilyn Dodkin, Brothers: Eight Leaders of the Labor Council of NSW
Bob Gould

Judith Keene, Fighting for Franco: International Volunteers in Nationalist Spain during
the Spanish Civil War

Harry Knowles