Correction: “Retrospect of a Laborer’s Life, 1872 to 1916″, by A J Sullivan

The previous issue of  The Hummer (vol. 4, no 4, Winter 2005) carried a series of six remarkable autobiographical pieces written by 1880s inter-colonial rural labour activist and Amalgamated Shearers’ Union organiser A. J. Sullivan. The existence of Sullivan’s letters, which were published between July and October 1916, was kindly drawn to our attention by well-known historian and social critic Humphrey McQueen. In reproducing Sullivan’s letters we noted – incorrectly – that the pieces had first appeared in the Australian Worker. As Humphrey has subsequently reminded us, Sullivan’s work was actually published in the union journal the Builders Labourers News – albeit on the dates originally indicated. We apologise for this lapse in editorial ‘due diligence’ and also for any inconvenience arising from this referencing error.