Journal Contents No. 1


Labour History
Robin Gollan
pp. 3-5

Queensland Labour History
W. J. H. Harris
pp. 16-24

Some Aspects of the Social Role of the Labour Movement in New South Wales in the 1870s
Bede Nairn
pp. 6-15

Labour Comes to Charters Towers
G. C. Bolton
pp. 25-34


Books Published in Australia from 1957 to 1960 dealing with the Labour Movement
Miriam Dixson
pp. 35-41

Source Material on Western Australian Labour History
Mollie Lukis
p. 59

Royal Australian Historical Society, Journal and Proceedings
Bede Nairn
p. 58

The Economic Record, 1925-55
B. D. Shields
pp. 42-57