Journal Contents No. 10


Incident at Fremantle
B. K. De Garis
pp. 32-7

The First Communist “United Front” – in Australia
Miriam Dixson
pp. 20-31

John Barnes Nicholson: NSW Southern Miners’ Labour Member, 1891 1917
Winifred Mitchell
pp. 13-19

Tolpuddle Martyrs and Trade Union Oaths
W. H. Oliver
pp. 5-12


Parliamentary Papers of Tasmania, 1856-1900 Parliamentary Papers of Western Australia, 1890-1900 Index
E. C. Fry
pp. 38-49


Brian Fitzpatrick: A Tribute
Frank Crowley
pp. 3-4


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Arthur H. Lewis Lament for the Molly Maguires London 1965 (Ian Turner) pp. 57-9.

Dame Enid Lyons So We Take Comfort London 1965 (P. R. Hart) pp. 53-4.

Bernard Mandel Samuel Gompers: A Biography Ohio 1963 (G. H. Sorrell) pp. 60-61.

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