Labour History No. 101 – November 2011

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Representing Militancy: Photographs of the Broken Hill Industrial Disputes, 1908-20
Paul Robert Adams and Erik Eklund

The State and Gold Miners’ Health in Victoria, 1870-1910
Beris Penrose

The State, Labour Management and Union Marginalisation at Electrolytic Zinc, Tasmania, 1920-48
Ruth Barton

‘You really only made it because you needed the money’: Aboriginal Women and Shellwork Production, 1870s to 1970s
Maria Nugent

The ‘Workingman’s Paradise’, White Supremacy and Utopianism: The New Australia Movement and Working-Class Racism
Stephanie Mawson

‘Silent forms of coercion’: Welfare Capitalism, State Labour Regulation and Collective Action at the Yarraville Sugar Refinery, 1890-1925
Charles Fahey and John Lack

Arbitration or Collaboration? The Australasian Society of Engineers in South Australia, 1904-68
Malcolm Saunders and Neil Lloyd

Right vs Left in the Tasmanian Liquor Trades Union
Michael Hess

‘In military parlance I suppose we were mutineers’: Industrial Relations in the Australian Imperial Force during World War I
Nathan Wise

The Passing of Youth: How Removal of Traditional Youth Recruitment Policies Contributed to the Ageing of Public Service Workforces
Linda Colley

Research Report

Larry Adler and the Cold War
Phillip Deery

Conference Report

Labour History and its People: the 12th National Labour History Conference,
Australian National University, 15-17 September 2011
Julie Kimber and John Shields


‘The Two-Million Dollar Man’: Bob Gould, 1937-2011
Rowan Cahill

Book Reviews

David Walker, Not Dark Yet: A Personal History (Andrew Moore)

Jim Davidson, A Three-Cornered Life: The Historian W.K. Hancock (Peter Read)

Sheila Fitzpatrick, My Father’s Daughter: Memories of an Australian Childhood (Lyndall Ryan)

Paul Robert Adams, The Best Hated Man in Australia: The Life and Death of Percy Brookfield 1875-1921 (Sarah Gregson)

Graham Fricke, The Little Digger’s Minions (L.W. Maher)

David Lee, Stanley Melbourne Bruce: Australian Internationalist (Frank Cain)

Michael Piggott and Maggie Shapley, Prime Ministers at the Australian National University: A Guide (David Lee)

Michael Hyde, All Along the Watchtower: Memoir of a Sixties Revolutionary (Ken Mansell)

Peter Hruby, Dangerous Dreamers: The Australian Anti-Democratic Left and Czechoslovak Agents (Drew Cottle)

Harvey Klehr, The Communist Experience in America (Marjorie Heins)

Henry Felix Srebrnik, Dreams of Nationhood: American Jewish Communists and the Soviet Birobidzhan Project, 1924-1951 (Philip Mendes)

Gary Bruce, The Firm: The Inside Story of the Stasi (Andrew G. Bonnell)

John Tully, The Devil’s Milk: A Social History of Rubber (Thomas D. Rogers)

R. Todd Laugen, The Gospel of Progressivism: Moral Reform and Labor War in Colorado, 1900-1930 (Paul Michel Taillon)

Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration (Braham Dabscheck)

David Kynaston, Family Britain 1951-57 (Beverley Kingston)

James Curran and Stuart Ward, The Unknown Nation: Australia After Empire (Christopher Waters)

Penelope Edmunds, Urbanizing Frontiers: Indigenous Peoples and Settlers in 19th-Century Pacific Rim Cities (Lisa Ford)

Tom Bramble and Rick Kuhn, Labor’s Conflict: Big Business, Workers and the Politics of Class (Jonathan Strauss)

Amanda Tattersall, Power in Coalition: Strategies for Strong Unions and Social Change (Dustin Halse)

Rodney Cavalier, Power Crisis: The Self-Destruction of a State Labor Party (Doug Cameron)

Lenore Taylor and David Uren, Shitstorm: Inside Labor’s Darkest Days (Paul Rodan)

George Williams and David Hume, People Power: The History and Future of the Referendum in Australia (L.W. Maher)

Michael Perelman, The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism: How Market Tyranny Stifles the Economy by Stunting Workers (Kosmas Tsokhas)

Barry McGowan, Dust and Dreams: Mining Communities in South-East New South Wales (Peta Belic)

Willie Thompson, Ideologies in the Age of Extremes: Liberalism, Conservatism, Communism, Fascism 1914-91 (Roy Hay)

Michael McKernan, Gallipoli: A Short History (Adrian Threlfall)

Book Notes

Tariq Ali, The Idea of Communism (Peter Beilharz)

Ron Ringer, The Brickmasters, 1788-2008 (John Shields)

I, Spry: The Rise and Fall of a Master Spy (Lachlan Clohesy)

Last Stand at Nymboida (Phillip Deery)

Prizes for Labour History Articles

Labour History Referees

Labour History in Song

For the Company Underground 1839
Francis MacNamara (Frank the Poet)

Cover image: Effigy of ‘Scabby’ Boyce, 1916
Photographer unknown. Courtesy of Jenny Camilleri and the Broken Hill Historical Society.