Journal Contents No. 12


Aspects of V. Gordon Childe
Jim Allen
pp. 52-9

Barricades Brimstone: Price Warung’s Political Themes
B. Andrews
pp. 1-12

Symposium: What is Labour History?
E. C. Fry
pp. 60-81

What Is Labour History? (Symposium)
T.H. Irving
pp. 77-81

What Is Labour History? (Symposium)
J. A. La Nauze
pp. 66-69

Sir Oswald Leaves the Labour Party, March 1931
W. F. Mandle
pp. 35-51

What Is Labour History? (Symposium)
N. B. Nairn
pp. 69-72

Working-class Women and Women’s Suffrage
R. S. Neale
pp. 16-34

In Search of Shorter Hours: The 1861 and 1874 Iron Trades Disputes
John Niland
pp. 3-15

What Is Labour History? (Symposium)
D. W. Rawson
pp. 73-77


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