Journal Contents No. 14


Writing Australian Trade Union History
J. Hagan
pp. 46-9

The Amalgamated Engineering Union and Arbitration in the 1920s
J. Hutson
pp. 50-3

The Leongatha Labour Colony: Founding an Anti-Utopia
R. E. W. Kennedy
pp. 54-8

The Reaction of Two Anarchists to Nationalism: Proudhon and Bakunin on the Polish Question
M. Kofman
pp. 34-45

The Conscription Referenda and the Labor Movement in Geelong
B. J. McKinlay
pp. 59-62

The Establishment of State Enterprises in Queensland, 1915-1918
D. J. Murphy
pp. 13-22

Queensland Miners’ Attitudes Towards the Need for Safety Regulations in the Late Nineteenth Century
June Stoodley
pp. 23-33

The Maritime Strikes in South Australia, 1887 and 1890
Robin Walker
pp. 3-12


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