Journal Contents No. 15


Emigration and Engineers, 1851-87
Ken Buckley
pp. 31-9

Labour Protest Activity in Sierra Leone during the Early Part of the Twentieth Century
H. E. Conway
pp. 49-63

The Struggle Against Pacific Island Labour, 1868-1902
W. J. H. Harris
pp. 40-8

Convicts and Rebels
H. McQueen
pp. 3-30

The Expulsion of Brookwood Labor College from the Workers’ Education Bureau
James W. Robinson
pp. 64-9


The Geelong People’s Association and Robert Booley: A Chartist Pioneer
B. J. McKinlay
pp. 70-1.

Henry Boote’s Papers
D. J. Murphy
pp. 71-3.


John Child Industrial Relations in the British Printing Industry London 1967 (Keith Hindell) pp. 78-9

John V. Coffins Never Off Pay: The Story of the Independent Tanker Union, 19371962 N.Y. 1964 (Roger Coates) pp. 79-81.

George Dale The Industrial History of Broken Hill 1965. First published 1918 (Bruce Pennay) p. 74.

Hammersmith Bookshop The Labour Party Foundation Conference and Annual Conference Reports, 1900-1905 London 1967 (S. M. Ingham) pp. 81-3.

Alfred Kydd The History of the Factory Movement from the year 1802 to the Enactment of the Ten Hours’ Bill in 1847. 2 Vols. N. Y. (First published 1857) n.d. (R. Duncan) pp. 83-4.

Raymond J. O’Dea A Guide to Industrial Relations in Australia Sydney 1967 (G. Sorrell) pp. 84-5.

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E. P. Thompson The Making of the English Working Class Pelican 1968 (H. McQueen) pp. 75-7.

Angela Tuckett The Scottish Carter: The History of the Scottish Horse and Motormen’s Association, 1898-1964 London 1967 (Ken Macnab) p. 81.