Journal Contents No. 16


The End of the World
Peter Cook
pp. 55-7

Labour and the Classical Economists
P. D. Groenewegen
pp. 20-9

Three Events in Corangamite Electorate1910-1918
B. J. McKinlay
pp. 49-54

The 1916-17 Labor Party Crisis in New South Wales and the Advent of W. J. McKell
Bede Nairn
pp. 3-13

Newcastle Miners and the Master and Servants Act, 1830-1862
J. W. Turner
pp. 30-6

Convicts and Rebels: A Reply
Russel Ward
p 58

Labor, Socialism, and World War II
W. J. Waters
pp. 14-19


Who Were the Conscriptionists?: Notes on Federal Labor Members
H. McQueen
pp. 44-8.

Henry Scott Bennett: An Appreciation
Bertha Walker
pp. 37-43.


Geoffrey Blainey The Rise of Broken Hill Melbourne 1968 (Bruce Pennay) pp. 60-1.

Gordon L. Buxton The Riverina1861-1891: An Australian Regional Study Melbourne 1967 (Clarence Karr) pp. 61-2.

David Caute The Left in Europe since 1789 London 1966 (Alastair Davidson) pp. 69-73.

Robin Gollan The Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Origins and Early History Canberra 1968 (Ken Buckley) pp. 65-6

Frank Hardy The Unlucky Australians Melbourne 1968 (Barry Bridges) pp. 63-4.

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Sir Robert Menzies Afternoon Light: Some Memories of Men and Events Melbourne 1967 (Robert Cooksey) pp. 59-60.

– Louise Overacker Australian Parties in a Changing Society, 1945-67 Melbourne 1969 (L. J. Hume) pp. 67-8.