Journal Contents No. 17


What Happened to the Depression Generation?
Don (et al) Aitkin
pp. 174-81

Tasmania’s Depression Elections
Neil Batt
pp. 111-20

Douglas Credit and the ALP
Baiba Berzins
pp. 148-60

Unemployment and Politics in Western Australia
G. C. Bolton
pp. 80-96

Labor and the Premiers’ Plan
Peter Cook
pp. 97-110

Miriam Dixson
pp. 14-26

Some Consequences of the Depression
Robin GoIlan
pp. 182-6

Lyons: Labor Minister-Leader of the U.A.P.
P. R. Hart
pp. 37-51

Lang Labor in South Australia
Don Hopgood
pp. 161-73

Anti-Political Political Thought
Peter Loveday
pp. 121-35

The All for Australia League
Trevor Matthews
pp. 136-47

The NSW Teachers’ Federation
Bruce Mitchell
pp. 67-79

Scullin as Prime Minister: Seven Critical Decisions
J. R. Robertson
pp. 27-36

The Long and the Short of Depression Origins
C. B. Schedrin
pp. 1-13

The Amalgamated Engineering Union
T. Sheridan
pp. 52-66