Journal Contents No. 18


A Strange Radical
P. Bolger
pp. 50-60

The Argonauts Civic and Political Club: An Early Attempt at Industrial Group Organisation in Western Australia, 1925-1930
F. G. Clarke
pp. 32-9

The Living Wage in Australia: The Role of Government
P. G. Macarthy
pp. 3-18

Victorian Trade Union Statistics, 1889-1914
P. G. Macarthy
pp. 68-74

Correction to Labour History, No. 16
H. McQueen
p 60

The Mechanisation of Coal Cutting in Pelaw Main Colliery, 1902-1905
J. W. Turner
pp. 61-7

The Ambiguous Experiment: Agricultural Co-operatives in New South Wales, 1893-1896
R. B. Walker
pp. 19-31

W. A. Holman and the Commonwealth, 1895-1911: The Early Career of a Labor State Righter
D. L Wright
pp. 40-9


Labour History Bibliography: A Select List
G. W. Ford
pp. 76-9


Tom Barker, 1887-1970
E. C. Fry
p. 75.


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