Journal Contents No. 2


Early Australian May Days
Len Fox
pp. 36-47

The British Society for the Study of Labour History
Robin GoIlan
pp. 89-90

G. S. Beeby and the First Labor Electoral Battle in Armidale
G. S. Harman
pp. 26-35

The Internal Policies of State Labor in Western Australia, 1911-1916
J. R. Robertson
pp. 48-75

Socialist Political Tactics, 1900-1920
Ian Turner
pp. 5-25


Historical Studies, 1940-61
Jill Eastwood
pp. 76-88


L. F. Crisp Ben Chifley: A Biography Melbourne 1961 (J. W. Button) pp. 94-6.

Frank Hardy The Hard Way: The Story Behind ‘Power Without Glory’ Sydney 1961 (Jack Beasley) pp. 96-9.

Social Science Research Council of Australia Bibliography of Research in the Social Sciences in Australia 1957-1960 Canberra 1961 (Anon) pp. 99-100.