Journal Contents No. 20


Labour and the Catholic Social Studies Movement
F. G. Clarke
pp. 46-59

Unions and the United Australia Party: New South Wales, 1932-39
John McCarthy
pp. 17-24

The Dawson Government in Queensland: The First Labour Government in the World
D. J. Murphy
pp. 1-8

Sir William McKell and Labor History
Bede Nairn
pp. 60-4

Policy Formulation and Implementation: the W.A. Branch of the ALP in the thirties
Ralph Pervan
pp. 25-45

An Early View of the New Zealand System of Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration: F. R. Chapman (1849-1936)
W. Rosenberg
pp. 9-16


Hon. S. Merrifield: Honorary Life Membership
E. C. Fry
pp. 74-5.


Brian Dickey Politics in New South Wales, 1856 – 1900 Melbourne 1969 (Martha Rutledge) pp. 66-8.

Melech Epstein Jewish Labor in USA Chicago 1969 (Terry Irving) pp. 69-71.

William Morris Hughes The Case for Labor (Baiba Berzins) p. 66.

H. L London Non-White Immigration and the ‘White Australia’ Policy Sydney 1970 (A. C. Palfreeman) pp. 71-2.

Henry Pelling American Labor Chicago 1960 (Terry Irving) pp. 69-71.

S. J. (ed.) Woolf The Nature of Fascism, and European Fascism London 1968 (E. M. Andrews) pp. 68-9.