Journal Contents No. 21


New Zealand Liberalism and Tasmanian Labor, 1891-1916
R. P. Davis
pp. 24-35

The Labor Government in the Second World War: A Memoir
J. J. Dedman
Part I: No. 21, pp. 62-71
Part II: No. 22, pp. 42-56
Part Ill: No. 23, pp. 48-61

The Impact of the First World War on Female Employment in England
Janet McCalman
pp. 36-47

The Federated Ironworkers’ Association in the Depression
John Merritt
pp. 48-61

Factories and Factory Workers in New South Wales, 1788-1900
G. P. Walsh
pp. 1-16

Disciplined Party Voting: A Labor Innovation?
P. M. Weller
pp. 17-23


Centenary of Labor Council of New South Wales
Bede Nairn
p. 72.


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