Journal Contents No. 22


The Labor Government in the Second World War: A Memoir
J. J. Dedman
Part I: No. 21, pp. 62-71
Part II: No. 22, pp. 42-56
Part Ill: No. 23, pp. 48-61

The ARU in Queensland: Some Oral History
Margaret Cribb
pp. 13-22

The Balmain Ironworkers’ Strike of 1945′ Part I: ‘The Factors Emerge 1942-3
Daphne Gollan
pp. 23-41


The First Australian Factory Act
G.P. Walsh
pp. 57-60.


Tom Barker Scholarship Appeal
Bede Nairn
p. 60.


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J. D. Blake Revolution From Within Sydney 1971 (John N. Molony) pp. 61-3.

Niall Brennan John Wren, Gambler: His Life and Times Melbourne 1971 (Peter Cook) pp. 66-70.

G. N. Hawker The Parliament of New South Wales, 1856-1965 Sydney 1971 (P. M. Weller) pp. 70-1.

Tony, & Roberts, Kenneth Lane Strike at Pilkingtons London 1971 (John Iremonger) pp. 73-4.

Robert Murray The Split: Australian Labor in the Fifties Melbourne 1970 (Ken Turner) pp. 64-6.

Alexander Saxton The Indispensable Enemy: Labor and the Anti-Chinese Movement in California California 1971 (Robin Gollan) pp. 71-3.

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R. S. Whitington Sir Frank: The Frank Packer Story Melbourne 1971 (Peter Cook) pp. 66-70.

Irwin Young Theodore: His Life and Times Sydney 1971 (Peter Cook) pp. 66-70.