Journal Contents No. 23


The Labor Government in the Second World War: A Memoir
J. J. Dedman
Part I: No. 21, pp. 62-71
Part II: No. 22, pp. 42-56
Part Ill: No. 23, pp. 48-61

The Australian Communist Party and the Comintern in the Early 1930s
J. D. Blake
pp. 38-47

Australia and the Great London Dock Strike: 1881
P. F. Donovan
pp. 17-26

The Balmain Ironworkers’ Strike of 1945′ Part II: ‘The Strike Against the Union
Daphne Gollan
pp. 62-73

The Professional Cricketer in England in the Nineteenth Century
W. F. Mandle
pp. 1-16

The Labor Party and Australian Imperialism in the Pacific, 1901-1919
Roger C. Thompson
pp. 27-37


1891-2 Report on Bootmaking
G.P. Walsh
pp. 74-81


W. R. Garside The Durham Miners 1919-1960 London 1971 (Len Richardson) pp. 87-8.

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Will Paynter My Generation London 1972 (W. F. Mandle) p. 89.

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