Journal Contents No. 24


Masters and Servants: The Victorian Railway Strike of 1903
Lorraine, & Rickard, John Benham
pp. 1-25

Crime and Punishment: The Great Strike in New South Wales, August to October 1917
Dan Coward
pp. 51-80

State in Emergency: The Queensland Railway Strike of 1948
Margaret Cribb
pp. 225-48

Sunday, Bloody Sunday: The Townsville Meatworkers’ Strike of 1918-19
Terrence Cutler
pp. 81-102

Stubborn Resistance: The Northern New South Wales Miners’ Lockout of 1929-30
Miriam Dixson
pp. 128-42

Craft Power: The Sydney Newspapers Strike and Lockout of 1944
J. Hagan
pp. 159-75

In the Public Interest?: The New South Wales Teachers’ Strike of 1968
Bruce Mitchell
pp. 249-65

Town and Company: The Broken Hill Industrial Dispute of 1908-09
Graeme Osborne
pp. 26-50

Dole Queue Patriots: The Port Kembla Pig-iron Strike of 1938
Len Richardson
pp. 143-58

Labour V. Labor: The Victorian Metal Trades Dispute of 1946-47
Tom Sheridan
pp. 176-224

Rebel Guardians: The Melbourne Police Strike of 1923
Jacqueline Templeton
pp. 103-27