Journal Contents No. 25


Boiling Down in the 1840s: A Grimy Means to a Solvent End
K. L. Fry
pp. 1-18

Piece-work and Some of its Consequences in the Printing and Coal Mining Industries in Australia, 1850-1930
J., & Fisher, C. Hagan
pp. 19-39

The ALP and the Armed Services: Theory and Practice, 1919-1949
J. M. McCarthy
pp. 58-67

Miners, Labourers and Officials on the Lakekamu Goldfield of Papua
Hank Nelson
pp. 40-52

The Trial of the Sydney Twelve: The Original Charge
P. J. Rushton
pp. 53-7


Holman’s Unpublished Letter to The Worker, 1893
P. Loveday
pp. 79-82.


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