Journal Contents No. 26


The Victorian Country Vote in the Conscription Referendums of 1916 and 1917: The Case of the Wannon Electorate
Ina Bertrand
pp. 19-31

Reply to Andrew Markus
Ken Carr
pp. 11-13

The Great Depression: Was Queensland Different?
B. J. Costar
pp. 32-48

The Scullin Government and the Wheatgrowers
R. F. I. Smith
pp. 49-64

Sydney’s “Slums”: Middle Class Reformers and the Labor Response
Peter Spearritt
pp. 65-81

The Labor Party and the Defeat of Reid: A Re-assessment
P. M. Weller
pp. 14-18


Irish Labour History Society
E. C. Fry
p. 93.


Anti -Conscription Documents, Brisbane, 1916
Neil Gow
pp. 87-91.


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