Journal Contents No. 29


Spinsters and Trade Unions in Victorian Britain
Rosemary Auchmuty
pp. 109-22

Towards a Feminist Labour History
Ann Curthoys
pp. 88-95

Taking Up, Cutting Up, and Putting Down
Murray Goot
pp. 78-87

Women in China: Mao v. Confucius
Beverley Hooper
pp. 132-45

Women and Politics: The Academic Bandwaggon?
Baiba Irving
pp. 69-77

Yours Very Truly, Marion Phillips
Beverley Kingston
pp. 123-31

Women’s Wages and the WEB
Constance Larmour
pp. 47-58

Wives of the Radical Labour Movement
Winifred Mitchell
pp. 1-14

Women, Arbitration and the Family
Penny & Rowse, Tim Ryan
pp. 15-30

Women in Sydney Factories c. 1920-50
Peter Spearritt
pp. 31-46

Women’s Labour
Merle Thornton
pp. 96-108

Jessie, Street Feminist
Andree Wright
pp. 59-68


Recent Journal Articles about Women
Rosemary Auchmuty
pp. 147-50

Sources on Women: Australian Archives Guide
Janet, & Oakes, Kathy Reed
pp. 146-7


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