Journal Contents No. 30


Marx Versus Butlin: Some Comments on the Snooks-Rowse Debate
D. L. Clark
pp. 58-65

The Second Awakening: The Italia Libera Movement
G. Cresciani
pp. 22-37

First International Conference of Centres for the Study of Labour History
Eric Fry
pp. 71-4

Bureaucrats and Patriots: The German Socialist Trade Union Leadership from Sarejevo to Versailles, 1914-1919
John Moses
pp. 1-21

Collingwood, Wren Left-Overs and Political Change: Aspects of Local-Level Politics in the 1970s
R. F. I. Smith
pp. 42-57

United States’ Government Assistance to the Catholic Social Studies Movement, 1953-4
John Warhurst
pp. 38-41


Albert Gerson: A Note on a Labour Movement Pioneer and Journalist
Brian McKinlay
p. 70.

ALP Publicity: A Note on Quentin Shaddock Spedding
Ken Turner
pp. 66-9.


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