Journal Contents No. 31


The 1934 Kalgoorlie Riots
Ted, & Gerritsen, Rolf Docker
pp. 79-82

Back to the Land: Settlement Schemes for Adelaide’s Unemployed 1930-35
S. W. Dyer
pp. 30-7

Social History in Britain in 1976-A Survey
Susan Eade
pp. 38-52

New Trends in the History of Working Women in Britain
A. J. Hammerton
pp. 53-60

The Deportation of Charles Jerger
Gerard Henderson
pp. 61-78

The South Johnstone Strike and Railway Lockout, 1927
K. H. Kennedy
pp. 1-13

“Good Labor Men”: The Hill Government in South Australia, 1930-1933
John Lonie
pp. 14-29

The Use of Economic Theory in History: Snooks Snookered
Bruce McFarlane
pp. 83-5


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