Journal Contents No. 33


The Milan Meeting of the Societies for the Study of Labour History
Alastair Davidson
pp. 105-7

The Labor Government and the Queensland Shearers’ Strike of 1956
Joy Guyatt
pp. 53-64

Theodore McCormack and the Amalgamated Workers’ Association
K. H. Kennedy
pp. 14-28

John Earle and the Concept of the “Labor Rat”
Marilyn Lake
pp. 29-38

Parties, Federation and Election Resources, 1901
Peter Loveday
pp. 1-13

The Australian Labour Movement and the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1939
Derek McDougall
pp. 39-52

Home Life at the Hungry Mile: Sydney Wharf Labourers and their Families, 1900-1914
Winifred Mitchell
pp. 86-97

On the Conscription Trail: The Second Referendum seen from beside W. M. Hughes
Stephen Murray-Smith
pp. 98-104

Great Britain and the Revolutions of 1848
F. B. Smith
pp. 65-85


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