Journal Contents No. 34


Political Consciousness and Dissent: The Unemployed in Adelaide during the Depression
Ray Broomhill
pp. 58-67

Labor’s Vice-Regal Appointments: The Case of John Curtin and the Duke of Gloucester
P. G. Edwards
pp. 68-73

The 1948 Redistribution and the Defeat of the Chifley Government
Colin A. Hughes
pp. 74-86

The Invention of Juvenile Delinquency in Early Nineteenth-Century England
Susan Magarey
pp. 11-27

The Concept of Economic Democracy within the German Socialist Trade Unions during the Weimar Republic: The Emergence of an Alternative Route to Socialism
John Moses
pp. 45-57

Labor and the Governor General’s Recruiting Conference, Melbourne, April 1918
Murray Perks
pp. 28-44

Eye of the Beholder: The Stereotype of Women Convicts, 1788-1852
Michael Sturma
pp. 3-10


Current Research, 1977
E. C. Fry
pp. 87-92


J. C. Watson: A Genealogical Note
Bede Nairn
pp. 102-3.


J. Roger Bell Unequal Allies: Australian-American Relations and the Pacific War Melbourne 1977 (W. J. Hudson) pp. 112-13.

Raymond Challinor The Origins of British Bolshevism London 1977 (Stuart MacIntyre) pp. 104-6.

Zelda D’Aprano Zelda: The Becoming of a Woman Melbourne 1977 (Marian Simms) pp. 93-101 (R.A.).

Alastair Davidson Antonio Gramsci: Towards an Intellectual Biography London 1977 (Marian Sawer) pp. 108-10.

Brian H. Fletcher Landed Enterprise and Penal Society: A History of Farming and Grazing in New South Wales before 1821 Sydney 1976 (Margaret Steven) pp. 111-12.

C. C. Macknight The Voyage to Marege Melbourne 1976 (Lyndall Ryan) p. 104.

A. Ross McCormack Reformers, Rebels and Revolutionaries: The Western Canadian Radical Movement 1899-1919 Toronto (Robin Gollan) pp. 107-8.

John N. Molony The Emergence of Political Catholicisim in Italy London 1977 (Gianfranco Cresciani) pp. 110-11.

Patrick O’Brien The Savours: An Intellectual History of the Left in Australia Melbourne 1977 (Stephen Alomes) pp. 114-15.

Erik Olssen John A. Lee Otago 1977 (Len Richardson) pp. 113-14.

Keith Sinclair Walter Nash Auckland 1976 (Erik Olssen) pp. 106-7.