Journal Contents No. 35


Capital and Labour: Responses to Immigration in the Nineteenth Century
Verity Burgmann
pp. 20-34

Dependence and Independence: Aboriginal Workers on the Far South Coast of NSW, 1920-75
R. G., & Hagan, J. S. Castle
pp. 158-71

Miners Rights: Explaining the Lambing Flat Riots of 1860-61
C. N. Connolly
pp. 35-47

Conflict and Consensus: The Seamen’s Strike of 1878
Ann Curthoys
pp. 48-65

International Solidarity?: White Australia and the Australian Council of Trade Unions
Frank FarrelI
pp. 129-38

Exclusivism and Unionism: Europeans in the Queensland Sugar Industry, 1900-10
Doug Hunt
pp. 80-95

Race and Ethnic Relations: Sociology and History
Frank Lewins
pp. 10-19

Populist Politics: Racism and Labor in NSW, 1880-1900
Ray Markey
pp. 66-79

Talka Longa Mouth.. Aborigines and the Labour Movement, 1890-1970
Andrew Markus
pp. 138-57

Forms of Recognition: Migrants and Unions, 1945-70
Jean Martin
pp. 189-206

From Kanaka to Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel: Race and Labour Relations in Australian New Guinea
Hank Nelson
pp. 172-88

A Socialist Dilemma: Racism and Internationalism in the Victorian Socialist Party, 1905-21
Graeme Osborne
pp. 112-28

Masters and Servants: The Queensland Sugar Workers’ Strike, 1911
Kay Saunders
pp. 96-111

Australia’s Population: A Demographic Summary
Keith Willey
pp. 1-9