Journal Contents No. 36


“Remember the literature, comrades!”: Labor Party Reading Then and Now
L. F. Crisp
pp. 31-8

The Sydney Style: New South Wales Labor and the Catholic Church
Michael Hogan
pp. 39-46

Women and the Trade Union Movement in New South Wales: 1890-1900
W. Nicol
pp. 18-30

Unions in Conflict: The Victorian Trades Hall Split, 1967-1973
David Plowman
pp. 47-69

Recent Criticism of Labour History in Britain and Australia
Margaret Sampson
pp. 70-93

Egon Kisch: A Biographical Outline
Ken Slater
pp. 94-103

Pace Setter or Quiet Backwater?: German Literature on Australia’s Labour Movement and Social Policies, 1890 – 1914
Jurgen Tampke
pp. 3-17

A Victorian Socialist Party Bequest
Rees D. Williams
pp. 104-5


John Ritchie,‘Flax and Convicts: More Light on Botany Bay’ pp. 106-8


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