Journal Contents No. 37


Manning Clark’s Henry Lawson
John Docker

Perspectives on the failure of the labour movement in pre-war Japan
Stephen Large

Four patterns of convict protest
Alan Atkinson

Mr Justice Higgins scuppered: The 1919 Seamen’s strike
Richard Morris

The Port Kembla pig iron strike of 1938
Jon White

The A.C.T.U., Trade Union Congresses and nation-wide general strikes
Clifford B. Donn

The Communist Party of Australia and the Palestinian Revolution, 1967-1976
Craig Johnston

Thomas Rowcroft’s testimony and the ‘Botany Bay’ debate
Alan Frost

Review Articles

Methodological and theoretical impli-cations of the study of law and crime
Adrian Merritt

Tim Rowse on Australian Liberalism and National Character
Margaret Sampson

Book Reviews

D. W. Rawson.Unions and Unionists in Australia (Malcolm Rimmer)

Patfick Weller and Beverley Lloyd, Federal Executive Minutes (L. F. Crisp)

Lewis Minkin,The Labour Party Conference (L. F. Crisp)

Carneron Hazlehurst,Menzies Observed (Robin Gollan)

Weston Bate,Lucky City: The First Generation at Ballarat: 1851-1901 (David Denholm)

Hannah Middleton,But Now We Want the Land Back: A History of the Australian Aboriginal People (Andrew Markus)

Gerard Brunthal,Socialist Labour and Politics in Weimar Germany: the General Federation of German Trade Unions (John A. Moses)