Journal Contents No. 38


Females, Feminism and Free Love in an early nineteenth century radical movement
Iain McCalman,

City back-slums in the land of promise: some aspects of the 1876 report on over-crowding in Sydney
Alan Mayne

Mick Laracy: Shearer and Unionist, in Australia and New Zealand
Euggnie and Hugh Laracy

Politics, Pageantry and Purpose: the 1920 Tour of Australia by the Prince of Wales
Kevin Fewster

The fall of the Labor Daily
R. B. Walker

The Movement Against War and Fascism
David Rose

Review Articles

Don Watson’s life of Brian Fitzpatrick
Judah Waten

Cataloguing the manufacture of Australian History: A critical review essay on Pascoe’s contribution
Stephen Mugford

Book Reviews

lan Turner,Industrial Labour and Politics: The Dynamics of the Labour Movement in Eastern Australia 1900-1921 (Frank Farrell)

L. F. Crisp,The Australian Federal Labour Party 1901-1951 (Frank Farrell)

Humphrey McQueen, The Black Swan of Trespass. The Emergence of Modernist Painting in Australia to 1944 (Julia Ryan and Lyndall Ryan)

John McMurtry,The Structure of Marx’s World-View (Bruce Kent)

Vera Broido,Apostles into Terrorists: Women and the Revolutionary Movement in the Russia of Alexander lI (Daphne Gollan)

lan MacDougall(ed.), Essays in Scottish Labour History (Stuart Macintyre)

Royden Harrison(ed.), Independent Collier: the coal miner as archetypal proletarian reconsidered (Len Richardson)

Max Neutze,Australian Urban Policy (Toni Logan)

C. T. Stannage, The People of Perth (G. C. Bolton)

Peter Spearritt,Sydney since the Twenties (Bede Nairn)

F. A. Larcombe,The Advancement of Local Government in New South Wales, 1906 to the Present (J. C. Docherty)

Ray Broornhill,Unemployed Workers: A Social History of the Great Depression in Adelaide (Stuart Macintyre)

John P. Nieuwenhuysen and Neville R. Norman,Australian Competition and Prices Policy (B. J. McFarlane)

Keith Windschuttle,Unemployment: A Social and Political Analysis of the Economic Crisis in Australia (B. J. McFarlane)

Neville Hicks,This Sin and Scandal: Australia’s Population Debate 1891-1911 (Rosemary Pringle)

L. F. Fitzhardinge,The Little Digger 1914-1952. William Morris Hughes. A Political Biography. Vol. 11 (John Robertson)

Stan Moran,Reminiscences of a Rebel.John Sendy, Comrades Come Rally! Recollections of an Australian Communist.John Sendy, The Communist Party: History, Thoughts and Questions (Craig Johnston)

Frank Waters,Postal Unions and Politics. A History of the Amalgamated Postal Workers’ Union of Australia (Tom Sheridan)

Richard Cashman and Michael McKernan(eds.), Sport in History: The Making of Modern Sporting History. (A. T. Mason)

Research Aids

Tony Marshall, An Annotated Guide to Sources on the Labour Movement in Victoria, 1880-1939

Michael McKernan and Diane Collins, Honours Theses in History

Guide to Archives and Manuscripts Held in the University of Newcastle Archives