Journal Contents No. 39


Discipline, Domestic Training and Social Control: The Female School of Industry, Sydney, 1826-1847
Elizabeth Windschuttle

The Spy-System in 1848: Chartists and Informers-An Australian Connection
J. C. Belchem

The Robust Navvy: The Railway Con-struction Worker in Northern New South Wales, 1854-1884
Denis Rowe ……

The Natural History of the Strike in Britain
E. W. Evans and S. W. Creigh

The ‘Leading War Party’: Communists and World War Two
Craig Johnston ……

The Movement Against War and Fascism: A View from Inside
Len Fox

Biographical Note

Joseph Silver Collings, Labor Organiser, Journalist, Senator
Joy Guyatt

Bibliographical Note

The Merrifield Collection
Peter Love


The World Forum on the Workers’ Movement and the History of the Working Class, UNESCO, Paris, 22-25 April 1980
Alastair Davidson

2nd Women and Labour Conference, Melbourne, 17-19 May 1980, 1
Daphne Gollan and Susan Magarey

2nd Women and Labour Conference, Melbourne, 17-19 May 1980, 2
Marian Sinuns

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History-Thirteenth General Meeting

Book Reviews

David Marr. Barwick. (E. G. Whitlam)

Denis Freney.The CIA’s Australian Connection;Richard Hall.The Secret State; andMichael Thwaites.Truth Will Out. (Rowan Cahill)

L. G. Churchward. Australia and America 1788-1972. (Anthony Ashbolt)

W. Korpi.The Working Class in Welfare Capitalism;G. Radice.The Industrial Democrats; andJ. R. Carby-Hall.Worker Participation in Europe. (Chris Fischer)

lames D. Young.The Rousing of the Scottish Working Class. (Stuart Macintyre)

Denis Murphy.Ken Laidlaw. (T. Sheridan)

Andrew Markus.Fear and Hatred. (Lyndall Ryan)

Henry Reynolds.Race Relations in North Queensland. (Andrew Markus)

Graeme Davison.The Rise and Fall of Marvellous Melbourne. (Eric Fry)

Kay Daniels and Mary Murnane(comps.). Uphill All the Way. (Beverley Kingston)

Ailsa Burns, Jacqueline Goodnow.Children and Families in Australia (Stephen Alomes)