Journal Contents No. 40


From a Place of ‘Horrible Destitution’ to a Paradise of the Working Class. The Transformation of British Working Class Attitudes to Australia, 1841-1851
Alan Beever

An Accumulation of Misery?
S. H. Fisher

Confrontation and Reconciliation on the Waterfront: The Fremantle Lumpers Strike-1899
I.H. Vanden Driesen

John Wren: Machine Boss, Irish Chief-tain or Meddling Millionaire?
Chris McConville

‘A Real and Quite Unique Affinity’: New Zealand and Tasmanian Labor, 1934-1949
R. P. Davis

The Communist Party and Labor Unity, 1939-1945
Craig Johnston


John Monash’s Description of the Navy, 1891
Geofirey Serle

Bibliographical Note

The Brodney Papers
Janet McCalman

The Anne Conlon Memorial Lecture 1980

Proving a Dispute: Laundry Workers in Sydney in 1906
Edna Ryan

Review Articles

Connell and Irving 1
Stuart Macintyre

Connell and Irving 2
Dave Clark

Book Reviews

Elizabeth Windschuttle(ed.). Women, Class and History;Winifred Mitchell.50 Years of Feminist Achievement. (Paula Hamilton)

W. H. Wilde and T. Inglis Moore.Letters of Mary Gilmore. ‘ (Beverley Kingston)

Judy Mackinolty and Heather Radi(eds). In Pursuit of Justice. (Adrian Merritt)

Ronald Mendelsohn.The Condition of the People. (Dave Clark)

Max Kelly(ed-). Nineteenth Century Sydney. (John Lack)

Bernard Barrett.The Civic Frontier;Maurice French.A Century of Homemaking;J. W. McCarty and C. B. Schedvin(eds). Australian Capital Cities. (Zula Nittim)

John Meredith and Rex Whalan. Frank the Poet;Hugh Anderson(ed.). Charles Thatcher’s Songbook. (Warren Fahey)

Peter Corris.Lords of the Ring. (Richard Broome)

Peter Bell.The Mount Mulligan Disaster. (Glen Mitchell)

Baruch Knei-Paz.The Social and Political Thought of Leon Trotsky. (Marian Sawer)